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Carnivore WOE Is Healing!

UPDATE! First, I want to thank my dear friend, Katie Frigon and her son, Riley, for bringing me glorious fresh Duck eggs from her beautiful organic and naturally raised Ducks!! Our quality time spent together catching up on life was truly wonderful! My granddaugher, Claire, is quite taken with Riley! Love you both So much!! 💖

Glorious organic, naturally raised Duck Eggs from my dear friend, Katie Frigon!! What a treasure!! Thank you a million times over, Katie!!!!💖

Since removing all plants from my diet as of Monday, July 29th, 2019, a going completely nose to tail carnivore, I've noticed amazing benefits already! 1. Absolutely no bloating or gas! As I've always had digestive problems since I was a little girl (celiac), and then as a vegan, and the massive bloating and gas I thought was all part of getting older and consuming so much 'wonderful' fiber in my diet, I believed this was normal and how I would always be. I've learned that many people are very sensitive to plants and the toxins they contain, cause many health issues to some people. I happen to be one of those people.

2. I haven't slept for more than two to three hours each day for years, and have needed to get up to empty my bladder every night around 3am, never being able to fall back to sleep. I'm now sleeping for 6 hours and NOT needing to get up to use the bathroom! What a true blessing!!

3. I feel as if a veil has been lifted! It's as if I was numb to living while eating only plants. The brain fog I've had for the past few years is starting to diminish! I'm not having to stop and try to remember words or recall names of people, places, or what I was saying or doing. I was even scared to drive. At times, just backing my car out of the garage was absolutely frightening. I didn't have the ability to steer the car without going into the yard. While driving, I would forget where I was going and often need to keep returning to my house to get things that I had needed for doctors appointments. One time, I had to return to my home three times when going to see my sister, Alison, and her family, as I kept forgetting the items I promised I would bring for our holiday gathering. The joy of having the ability to think and remember is beyond comprehension!

4. I'm also sweating for the first time in my life!! I was ALWAYS SO cold, even if it was 90 degrees out. When eating what our body recognizes as the food that it can digest easily and completely and thrive on, it functions optimally, which is allowing me to finally sweat and be able to remove years of plant and environmental toxins that have built up in my lymphatic system. This is so important for the body to be able to naturally detox on a regular basis. With all of the toxins that we are exposed to 24/7 in this world of chemicals, EMF's, depleted soil, and genetically modified food, etc., sweating is a gift that God designed our body to do. Do we really need a sauna if our body is allowed to sweat naturally and can easily be done when moving out in nature, running, jumping, climbing trees, crawling, hauling rocks, logs, tending to our land/gardens...Sun exposure, fresh air...Oh, the joys of being a human and alive! 😊

A typical meal for me now that I'm eating the Carnivore Nose to Tail WOE. I do intermittent fasting each day where I give my digestive system a 16 to 18 hour resting period without food. Then, I eat two meals in a six to eight hour period. Today I had 8 ounces of wild moose burger, 3,5 ounces of Beef Liver, 75 grams of Buffalo Suet, 2 raw duck and 2 raw chicken egg yolks, and 3/4 tablespoon of Salmon Roe. That's about 1565 calories for this meal. 70 percent fat and about 30 percent protein. By giving my body a full year to adjust to the gradual removal of plants from my diet, I'm starting to feel the healing benefits taking place in only a few weeks! 💖

Truly amazing changes in only a few weeks! Can't wait to see what will improve next! Still on my prayer list of health issues to be reversed: neuropathy and swelling in my feet and ankles, sore stiff muscles and joints, painful bone spur growing on the side of my elbow - possibly caused by oxalates depositing there, massive hair loss, severe osteoporosis, cataracts and vision problems, fatigue, and to gain weight. I have finally gained three pounds since starting the Carnivore WOE! At 5'8" tall, I now weigh 99 pounds!! I believe my remaining health issues will be restored and I'll be better than ever in the near future! Feeling SO very blessed knowing that I have God and so many wonderful people in my life! 💝🙏

Wishing you all great health and happiness!

Remember, Listen to your body!

Take Charge of Your Health Destiny!



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