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The Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table


     Nothing like after a long day of teaching Kindergarten and a rigorous workout, to end my day hanging upside down!  After doing months of research on Inversion Tables, I decided to purchase the Teeter Hang Ups which had fabulous reviews.  After several months of using this product, I'm very pleased!  (I have no affiliation with this company)

    An Inversion Table allows for decompression, creating an ideal stretch that improves spinal health and targets back pain.  I can rehydrate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine, relax tense muscles, improve joint health, increase flexibility, and improve fitness and build core strength.    Below I'm in a full 90 degrees...allowing for complete spinal decompression, AND doing inverted sit-ups is a challenging way to deveolp and define the core muscles.  Love this!

Fitness Motivation

Workout Wednesday Quick Tip of the Day! Benefits of using a Medicine Ball when doing deep squats.

If you’ve never used a Medicine Ball, you might want to think about adding this to your workout routine. If you’ve never heard of this weighted ball, it’s an inexpensive nylon or rubber 14 inch ball that can weigh between two to 25 pounds. Many athletes us a Medicine Ball to improve balance and build core, leg, arm, chest, and back strength. One of the main advantages of using a medicine ball compared to the traditional dumbbells, is that is doesn't put pressure on your wrists and joints, but gives a similar workout experience.

This is one of my favorite exercises to do! Really works out so many areas of the body! As we age, it's imperative that we keep moving and give all areas of our body daily movement and resistance. If you don't have a medicine ball or weights, use a rock or piece of wood...they're free! I like to alternate what I hold when doing deep squats. Gives my muscles variety!

One of my favorite exercises is to place my feet about shoulder width apart while holding the Medicine Ball in my hands, keeping arms straight out in front of me. While slowly going down into a deep squat, engage the core muscles, keeping the back as straight as possible. Slowly return to a standing position. Repeat this until fatigued. If you’re new to working out, take your time; use a chair or bench placed behind you to assist in doing squats. No need to go into a deep squat until you are comfortable without using a chair or bench.

I find this to be a wonderful addition to using weights, as my hands and wrists are holding the ball in a more comfortable position, and while keeping the ball in front of me at all times during the deep squat, my shoulders (deltoids and trapezius), lats, core, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps are completely engaged and getting an incredible workout. As mentioned above, I also enjoy doing deep squats using rocks and larger pieces of wood...nature gives us what we need to keep our bodies fit!!

Stay tuned for more quick fitness tips using tree climbing, logs, and rocks for an incredible natural workout! Nothing like incorporating nature into staying in optimum condition! Thanks so much for watching our video! 💖

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