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Welcome to FountainOfYouthTV!  A website focusing on finding the fountain of youth through life experiences and learning from one another.  Join Suz and Rox, the mother and daughter team who are here to share their passion for life, health, and vitality through living in nature as God designed us to live.  Spending time with this dynamic duo will fill you with incredible positive energy that is contagious! Their charismatic personalities and zest for life are like a torch of warmth and light to those who know them.  

Suz is a 58 year old single parent of two remarkable daughters, Alexandra and Roxana, and grandmother to her precious five year old granddaughter, Claire. She is a former Miss New York State, model, opera singer,  award winning educator,  and former high raw vegan who almost lost her life to consuming a vegan diet for so many decades.  Suz now focuses her life on sharing the truth about plant toxins and the potential harm that may be caused to many people who are sensitive to  plants and unable to digest carbohydrates and the large amount of fiber in a plant-based diet. She is now healing her many health issues by consuming the nose to tail carnivore WOE, which to Suz, is the most micronutrient rich way of eating.  Suz continus to be an independent researcher, motivator/health advocate, and  has spent the past 40 years of her life focusing on daily natural movement/exercise, and living as we were designed to live in nature by God; eating as our early ancestors lived...hunting and eating nose to tail the animals that were killed to give our bodies the needed fat, protein, minerals and vitamins to build large brains, strong muscles, and bones.  


Suz earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education with a minor in opera and a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from SUNY Cortland.  She received her certification as a raw food educator  and was working toward earning both the Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition  and the HygioPhysician degrees at the University of Natural Health.   After almost losing her life this past year (2018-2019), Suz has decided to discontinue working on her PhD and focus her attention on sharing her story regarding the truth about consuming plants and the dangers of breast implants.  

Suz's religious upbringing took place in the beautiful foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, surrounded by nature, as her father kept their Native American heritage in the forefront of raising the family; this molded her into the woman she is today.  Her parents felt it was important to learn from other people by visiting different churches, traveling to experience different cultures/traditions,  and allowing each family member to decide which path was best for them.  She continues this today, by learning from those she meets in person, through research, or via the people that share their wisdom on her Website Blogs, Facebook Page, and YouTube Videos.  You'll notice that her lifestyle is quite diverse as she incorporates so many different cultures and traditions that she has learned over the course of her life.  

Growing up with ADHD behaviors, monthly  unbearable migraines,  chronic abdominal cramps and constipation, severe acid reflux,  multiple miscarriages, and arthritis made Suz realize that something wasn't right...God doesn't make mistakes!  She knew that our temples (bodies) were designed to function perfectly.  For the past 35+ years, Suz has researched and used herself as the guinea pig to eradicate  ailments she experiences as she moves through life. After eating the standard American diet and hoping that moving from the the vegetarian to the vegan, and then raw vegan diet might be the answer in solving her many health issues,  she found that the longer she ate plants, serious health issues took over her body. 


Lab work continued to show her health was deteriorating and eventually her doctors thought she had a rare cancer  linked to breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), a rare type of lymphoma that can develop around breast implants. BIA-ALCL is not to be confused with breast cancer.  Suz had her implants for ten years and was not aware of the many health risks associated with breast implants.  Luckily, her lab work indicated that no cancer was present, but there were many concerns with her blood panels.  With continued research, Suz found a an incredibly skilled vegan plastic surgeon, Dr. Lu Jean Feng, in Cleveland, Ohio, who specializes in Bilateral Periprosthetic Capsulectomy via enbloc method.  See a recent blog that was written for  further details about the journey that Suz has been on.

Suz continues to stress the importance of daily on-going exercise/movement, getting out of chairs and interacting more with our natural environment,  and stresses the importance of living more on the floor and coming into contact with the ground (going barefoot) and getting back to our primal side.  Suz says, "Life doesn't end at 50!!  It gets better with each year! Even if we have a few curve balls sent our way and we may need to reevaluate the choices that we're making.  If everything that you believe to be true about your diet and your lifestyle turns out to not be the case for your specific DNA, the key is to listen to your body carefully. Make changes that truly provide you with the nutrients that work best for you.  

Rox has great wisdom for being  only 23 years old. She is a specialist with the 42nd Infantry Division Army Band, where she plays the trumpet and electric and bass guitar.  She is also the manager and videographer of the  website and YouTube Channel, and head of security at Target.  She understands her mother's passion for living a simple life surrounded by nature and all that God has provided for humans to live a healthy long life.  Rox was raised from the start on her mother's breast milk for her first three years of life.  She's never had the need for antibiotics  or medication of any kind due to the pure natural lifestyle her mother chose to raise her children in. Rox eats a keto diet, and enjoys wild game meat as the bulk of her diet.  She follows a great deal of her Native American heritage, as well as other cultures her mother has implemented into their lives. You'll find Rox outside in the woods hiking, foraging, or climbing trees alongside her mother whenever time permits.

These amazing women would like to share with you what they have researched and implemented into their lives. Suz, at 58 years old, is a walking testimony to the adage, "You are what you eat...once you find what works best for you unique DNA", and to the importance of moving outside in nature whenever possible.  Suz continues to look for the fountain of youth!  And will continue to share her journey,  always being transparent, telling the truth about what she experiences in hopes to help others not make the same mistakes that she may have made in her life.  And, to share her successes as well!

Imagine slowing down the aging process and reversing  and/or preventing diseases that plague so many people in our western culture!  Follow along with fountainofyouthtv and have that tremendous health and vitality that these two women radiate. They are the real deal...they walk the walk!  Suz and Rox's mission is to inspire and motivate people to take charge of their health destiny by carefully examining how we’ve been programmed to think about food and movement, and implement a more primal/nature-based lifestyle - Simplify!  Suz says, "We learn from life's experiences and from the wisdom of others. We are all a work in progress! It's important to follow our dreams and passions and not seek the approval of people, but that of God.  When we take our last breath, leave a profound legacy... One that will make this world a better place." Their motto is: Take charge of your health can do it!  

Thanks for stopping by their website!  

Peace and Grace! 

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