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To teach our children the value of performing selfless acts, I like to have monthly Random Acts of Kindness projects.  One of the most important lessons we can teach and model to our children/students is to care about others and make our world a better place every day. We must shape children’s values and provide opportunities to develop kindness; a virtue that improves lives and decreases violence and bullying. Studies show that we feel better about ourselves when acts of kindness are practiced each day. Doing good deeds improves our self-esteem and people who are kind and compassionate are often the most successful.


Each day we hear so much negativity in the news; violence, pain and suffering…we need to remember that there is so much good in this world. We can teach our children that sharing love and compassion with others is the strongest emotion in our hearts. While making sure that our children are prepared academically, instilling the importance of being a kind, loving, and thoughtful person is just as essential, if not more! By implementing Random Acts of Kindness each day with our children, they will experience gratitude and learn that it’s not about who will give us something, but rather, appreciate the feeling of joy we get when we make others feel special. We can truly make this world a better place!




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