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Fitness Tip of the Day: Several studies show that children of active parents are more likely to exercise as adults than children with sedentary parents. Do physical activities with your children; play sports together, yard work, go hiking, climb trees, just have fun! While playing, you’ll bond as a family. That includes grandparents! 😃  The more children see the adults in their lives being active, full of energy and vitality, they will learn that living a healthy lifestyle is an important factor to happiness and longevity! It really matters if we as adults, take our role seriously and demonstrate healthy eating choices and vigorous physical activity each day as children will emulate what we do. I see this with my daughters and granddaughter, and even with the students in my classroom! They witness me eating healthy food and keeping myself in top physical condition on a daily basis...and then they follow what I do! I don't just talk or teach about healthy living, I live it! Not only will we give our children the gift of living a long healthy life, but we will be at our best, living the life God designed us to live...happy, healthy, and full of energy! We must be role models and lead by example! 💖

As we are like a family here at fountainofyouthtv, we like to hear from our followers about what they find works to promote health and wellness.  We all learn from each other!  Please share your thoughts and ideas with us!  Thank you so much for stopping by our website!

Peace and Grace,


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