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Going from Vegan to Carnivore

I recently spent the morning at the Central New York Regional Market in Syracuse with one of my favorite organic farmers, Wendy Taber, from Great Northern Farm!!

Many of the fountainofyouthtv followers know that the vegan diet I've been eating for many years took a toll on my health and my doctors felt it was imperative for me to gradually start implementing meat, fish, and eggs into my diet last summer in order to save my life. By taking it very slow, this allowed my body to acclimate and start producing the needed enzymes and acids to digest meat and fish once again. I'm SO thankful that I have had such amazing doctors and experts that knew how to restore health to those who have autoimmune diseases and are unable to survive eating only plants due to extreme sensitivities to plant toxins such as gluten, oxalates, lectins, phytates, and more. It's taken over a year to gradually remove all plants from my diet to avoid oxalate dumping, which can cause many painful side effects. I'll go into more detail about this over the next few months.

I'm beyond grateful to Dr. Paul Saladino, MD, Dr. Joseph Barry, my local MD, and oxalate expert, Sally Norton, for taking my health to the next level. Sally, your incredible knowledge about Oxalates and figuring out why my health continued to decline was truly a blessing! Thank you for leading me to Dr. Paul Saladino, a genius in the medical field who is known for his cutting edge, science-based information about how the human body responds to various food. Specifically, eating a nose to tail carnivore diet. This appears to work very well for those of us with extreme sensitive digestive systems who cannot handle eating plants. God heard my prayers once again, and placed Dr. Saladino, Dr. Barry, and Sally in my life.

I never thought I would be purchasing nothing but meat and eggs at the regional market, where all I use to buy was organic produce when I believed that plants were healing.

It's been a very long year feeling so frail, unable to think clearly, neuropathy in my feet, sore stiff muscles and joints, hair falling out at an incredible rate, tremendous fatigue, vertigo, ongoing weight loss, and lab work that never seemed to improve. I was beginning to lose hope, feeling I was such a burden to my family and friends. Did I have a purpose anymore?

With the slow removal of plants from my diet, and increasing the consumption of meat, organs, fish, and eggs, I eventually started getting some of my energy level back.. I'm beginning to feel positive changes happening throughout my body as I'm no longer consuming any plants. Perhaps the toxins/anti-nutrients in the plants are slowly purging from my body and healing is taking place; thanks to the incredible highly absorbable vitamins and minerals that are in meat, organs, fish, and eggs. These vital nutrients my body was unable to absorb from eating plants.

Thank you SO much to Wendy and Rich, from Great Northern Farm, for the amazing organic meadow raised beef, veal, lamb, and eggs that I purchased from you today! I had your Beef Ribeye, lamb liver, and eggs for dinner tonight and I was able to easily digest the nutrient-rich food without any toxins to hinder how I absorbed the needed fuel my body SO desperately has been lacking for many years. No bloating or gas!

More details to come about my journey from being vegan/raw vegan to now a nose to tail carnivore. My doctors will watch carefully over the next few months to see how I progress and make changes if needed. We are all works in progress. I have learned SO many lessons in my life. Each of us have a very unique DNA. We must listen carefully to our bodies and find what food and lifestyle is best for our own special genetic makeup. So much to share with you! Stay tuned!

Wishing you all great health and happiness! 💖

Take charge of your health destiny! Listen to your body!



All ready to leave the regional market and head to the spring to get my weekly supply of fresh crisp clean spring water! Suz

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