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Last Meal With A Plant!

Thanking my fiancé, Rick, for bringing me back moose meat while on a hunting trip to Alaska. As I say my blessings at each meal, I thank God for creating the animals, and I thank each animal that has given up their life for me to sustain my life.

A few weeks ago I had my last meal with a plant....Saying goodbye to Romaine Lettuce... I continued to keep fresh lemons in my diet for a bit longer to help my kidneys eliminate any oxalates that may still be in my body, but have since removed those as well.

I've been SO blessed to have Sally Norton, Oxalate Expert, guiding me as I've been gradually removing plants over this past year in helping me to prevent as many oxalate dumping episodes as possible. Sally has been a lifesaver for me! It has taken quite awhile to get use to having SO much meat, fish, eggs, organs, and fat in my daily diet. But, Sally has been right there by my side, to keep me going and teaching me about how dangerous oxalates and plant toxins can be to those of us who are unable to tolerate oxalates, lectins, phytates, and other anti-nutrients in plants. However, it is so wonderful to be able to eat in this new way and not feel bloated, sick to my stomach with stiff sore joints and muscles, and in a total brain fog feeling like I was going to go into a comma day in and day out. I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone. Believing that what I truly thought was the healthiest diet for all humans turns out to be so very destructive to so many of us. And I believed that consuming any kind of animal product would cause nothing but harm to all humans, turns out to be so very healing for so many people, and I'm one of them! 💝

My last meal with Romaine Lettuce, topped with Bison Suet, lightly cooked Moose Stew Meat, three raw egg yolks, a few slices of fresh lemon, and himalayan pink salt.

The nose to tail Carnivore Diet is the ultimate in elimination diet. There are no toxins in meat when we buy pasture raised or wild game products. Once we give our body time to heal and purge toxins that have been building up over the years, it may be possible to add one plant food at a time back into the diet to see if there is a negative reaction. For me, if I find that eating a carnivore diet takes my health to a new level, reverses all of my health issues, and I'm feeling better than ever and my lab work continues to show optimum health, I may not want to risk adding any plants back into my diet. For right now, I'm focusing on healing and purging all toxins from my body. Praying this Carnivore Diet will be the answer to my prayers. 🙏💖

Stay tuned and I'll continue to keep you posted on my Carnivore WOE!

Listen to your body and take charge of health destiny!



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