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Did You Stop to Smell the Flowers?

My precious granddaughter, Claire, stopping to smell the flowers!!

I woke up this morning to another glorious new day of life filled with my usual excitement as to what God has planned for me!! The first gift God blesses me with each day is being alive to fulfill all that He has mapped out for me! I then said my morning prayers and gave thanks for all that I have and all of the beauty and great gifts that I will encounter today. This to me is like taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. 🌺 By beginning each of my days thanking God for His ongoing unconditional love and incredible life that He has given to me, is truly like stopping to smell the flowers;🌺 something many of us forget to do throughout each day of our lives. Then I did my morning yoga/stretches to get my body ready to take on all that I will require of it to perform optimally for me all day. While doing my morning skincare routine and getting dressed, I was reviewing in my mind and talking with God about the many things He needed me to accomplish today. So many family obligations, chores, preparations for the upcoming school year, blogs to write, videos to edit, foraging for daylilies and… WAIT… tomorrow Rox and I will travel to the Mars Hill Network radio station for the taping of an upcoming talk show with Dan Dunn and his Spotlight Program. A new rush of excitement flowed through my body. This Christian radio station is a major part of my life. For so many years, each morning, I have my clock radio set to the Mars Hill station to wake me to the beautiful inspirational music, positive uplifting programs, and hosts that keep me focused on all that is good…nothing negative to alter my pure thoughts of love and kindness. It is God and this Christian radio station that has helped me stay strong throughout the most terrible times in my life. I listen to Mars Hill while I prepare my breakfast each day, get dressed, when I’m in my classroom alone preparing lessons, when I return home to workout in my yard, prepare dinner…I’m so fortunate to hear only beautiful uplifting music and words. Thank you to Mars Hill Network! I am so honored that I will be meeting these wonderful hosts tomorrow who have been like family to my children and me for so many years. What a gift for both Rox and me to experience this tomorrow! 💖

I’ve been attempting to write a few blogs over the past few weeks, but have found myself stuck, unable to complete them. I always wait until God gives me the thumbs up to post a blog or video on social media, but each day, I found myself unable to move forward with either of the blogs. God needed me to think more and post when the time was right and I had written what He wanted me to share with the world. Well, this morning, God told me that today is the day to complete these thoughts that have been racing through this ADHD brain, and combine the two blogs that were on hold into one blog.

One of the blogs that was on hold was about what motivates us to live a healthy lifestyle. I was giving many examples of the different people in our lives that can inspire us to stay focused on living a healthy and happy life. But as I began my evening prayer and meditation last night, God spoke to me and asked me to reflect over my life once again. Years of good and bad times flashed through my mind. I realized that when all is said and done, who never left my side for one single moment? Who was there to love and console me during every tragedy that happened? Who was there to rejoice and sing with every amazing moment that I was blessed to experience in my life? Not a family member, not friends, not pastors, not any person...Only one stood out above the rest. Yes, you guessed that right…God! People are humans…with emotions…jealousy, greed, hatred, envy, anger, fear… and love. Often, being human steps in, and rather than showing love, the other emotions creep in. There is no way that any person could be there for others at all times. Sadly, I know I have let people down. With living our lives, we all become overwhelmed at times and don’t have time to give to everyone in our lives. I’m sure if you’re still reading this blog, you’re thinking this woman is a holy roller, too much about God. Yes, I’ve heard that many times. Hang in there, you may find at the end, you find some value in this blog that may actually help you see life more clearly, see what really matters. Perhaps you may actually stop and smell the flowers that are placed in your life each day. 🌺 Maybe this will give you a new perspective on how to live out the remainder of your life.

So much has been happening in this world. Terrorists attacks, racial conflicts, people killing people for no reason, our political scene and the negativity that is being spread like wildfire over social media that is breeding such hurtful words and actions throughout this country. I think of the horrendous violent act that took place in Orlando, Florida a few weeks ago. How many of us live a different lifestyle that is unconventional to the traditional beliefs, values, styles, or attitudes from the majority of the people in our society? We’re all unique and different. We all have opinions, but it’s best to allow people to feel what they feel, be who they are, and not judge someone. Who are we to judge anyone or anything? Isn’t that God’s job?

I’m sure every person alive will experience a time in their life when they don’t feel they fit in with someone or some crowd, and they feel they are being judged or rejected. Growing up, I never felt that I fit in. I was and still am, a person who marches to a different drummer. You’ll always find me singing and dancing, constantly moving, smiling, so happy to be alive, making the most out of every day that I am blessed with...and yes, the ADHD behaviors are apparent if you know me! Throughout childhood and even today at the age of 55, often I'm ridiculed and shunned because I love life, keep my thoughts pure and clean by not having a television, never watching anything that is violent, using foul language, or sexually driven, and rarely do I keep track of what the rest of the world is doing…just too much negativity and sadness for me. Mars Hill Network is my connection to what is happening in the world. I took the TV out of our home almost ten years ago when I realized that most of the shows were not appropriate for our family. We haven't missed having a television at all. So much living to do! It's wonderful!! Last weekend, I went to see the movie “Tarzan”. Now I rarely go to the movies, and if I do, it’s usually only a Disney movie. The only scary movie I've ever seen was back in 1975, I was 14 years old when the movie “Jaws” came out. I was under the seat in the theater for most of the film. I vowed from that day, that I would never pollute my brain with such horrific scenes. While walking down the hallway of the movie theater this past Sunday, I remarked to my sisters, niece, and Rox how the many posters displayed on the walls made me feel like I was walking through a scary museum. They giggled, as they understand me and know how I live my life. Rox says living with me is like living with Snow White.😊 Even attempting to watch “Tarzan” was difficult for me. As my brain is not accustomed to seeing or hearing such violence, I found myself covering my eyes throughout most of the movie. Just too much for me to handle.

From a very young age, before a child should even comprehend who God is, I understood who He was. There was a connection that was truly unique between us. My parents loved to talk about the time I was about four years old when our family was traveling out of town in the middle of winter. We had the typical station wagon to hold our large family of eight, and I was in the back seat of the vehicle. While driving along, all of a sudden, I started begging my father to stop the car; I knew there was danger ahead. My parents saw nothing happening on the road as Dad kept driving the car at the normal speed limit. I wouldn’t quit insisting that they stop the car. As we approached a very large hill on this winter day, my father realized he could control my outbursts by slowing down. When we reached the top of the hill, there was a tractor-trailer that had jackknifed across the road just over the crest of the hill. Had my father not slowed down, we would have hit the truck head-on, causing serious injury and damage, perhaps death. I’ve always had the gift of visions from God to keep loved ones and myself safe, or help to place me on the right path that my life should take if I was not on the road God wanted me to be on. Visions that keep me on His course, telling me which gifts that I possess should be utilized at the time. My family, close friends, and especially my children, witness the amazing gifts that God gives to me each day. Would I rather stop hearing God and conform to how the majority of people view life so I can fit in, or do I follow the path of our creator and live my life for Him? For me, I’ve always lived by the verse in the Bible from Galatians 1:10, “I am not here to seek approval of people, but to please God and be His servant.” This has helped me focus on staying true to who I am, what I believe to be correct, and not allow people to alter my thinking or bring me down. As I am human, yes, I have made many mistakes over the past 55 years. None of us are perfect. I remind my children of the verse from Galatians often. Hoping to keep them focused on doing what they believe is the right way to live and not follow the crowd. We must be confidant in who we are and not allow others to bully us into thinking that we are wrong with our way of living. If we are loving, kind, working hard, respecting others, giving whenever possible, being a godly person; isn’t that what life is all about? It’s like stopping to smell the flowers; 🌺 instead of always being critical of others, spending hours on social media reading what everyone else is doing and comparing your life to family, friends, and the rest of the world; why not turn off the computer, tablet, cell phone, or TV and go outside and become one with nature... Cleanse your mind of negative thoughts, and fill your body with the light and energy from God. I encourage you to find a radio station that will be uplifting and bring positive messages into your life and home. Try to go outside, shed your shoes each day and lay on the ground to take in the positive energy that God has placed within the earth for us to rejuvenate our body, mind, and spirit. Smell some flowers while you are out there! 🌺

One day I will write a blog about the amazing events that have happened in my life and how God remained by my side, protecting me in the most remarkable ways that only He could do. Giving me special abilities to see what He needed me to see to keep me safe and able to do His work, to be His soldier. For now, I believe at a time like this when our world is at such odds, so many conflicts, violence, and negativity, it’s important to remember that God is not a member of any specific church or religion. It is the churches and the religions that are members within the magnificence and splendor that is God. Why do we have to place people into different categories, different descriptions, and different religions? When we exclude people for various reasons, we go against what God is all about. God created each one of us. It doesn’t matter what name we give Him…God, Allah, Great Spirit, The Light, Shaddai…He is one and the same. God is complete unconditional love…

So in the end when we take our last breath, what really matters? Was it the job you had, the house you owned, the car you drove, the hours you spent on social media, the stress you carried by comparing your life to those you follow on Facebook, or the political scene? Or will it be the profound legacy that you leave behind? The kindness and generosity you showed to others? The love and devotion from your children and grandchildren because you were there for them? Being a role model with great integrity and character? Modeling how to live a full, healthy, happy spiritual life that really mattered? According to Psalm 127:3-5, children are a gift from the Lord. They are God's possession, not ours. God has temporarily placed them in our care until they are ready to go out into the world as adults. It is our duty to shape our children's character and guide their spiritual, psychological, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. We do that through our actions. Children learn by example! My daughters and granddaughter see me praying throughout the day and talking to God 24/7. Wouldn't this world be a better place if we all did this?

Being part of fountainofyouthtv with Rox is allowing us to meet people all over the world. I feel such a connection to each person, even when there are negative comments...we learn from each other. I value each person's viewpoint. None of us have all of the answers. I only try to share the wisdom that I have gained throughout my life and spread the words, knowledge, and visions that come to me. I hope that this blog was able to possibly help you to rethink the path your life is on and consider stopping to smell the flowers each day. 🌺 Life is short! Make it matter! Allow God to motivate you each day to live a healthy and happy life. He is always there for you! Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog. We'd love to hear your thoughts and share your wisdom on this topic. Remember, we learn from each other! We are all a work in progress and God's children! We are a family!

Peace and Grace,💖


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