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Finding the Fountain of Youth!

Never too old to do handstands and cartwheels! Rox and I were out having fun in the yard after a workout session in our home gym. Still feel like I'm 16 years old! Aside from being a vegan/nutritarian and exercise enthusiast, part of my fountain of youth is surrounding myself with young, energetic, positive people, like Rox! Many studies indicate whether you have a negative or positive outlook on life has an impact on your health. Positive people usually live longer than those with a negative attitude. When I'm with my Kindergarten students, their fresh innocent outlook on life and high energy flows into every ounce of my being! It’s funny, my daughters and students say being around me is like having a Disney character come to life. I’m always happy, singing and dancing throughout each day. Something I’ve done since I was a toddler. My students think it’s like having Snow White for a teacher. This high-energy approach to life can be contagious. It always makes my day when both adults and children tell me that they feel more alive when they are with me. They feel my energy and want to experience it for themselves.

Another important piece to living a vibrant life is the belief in a higher power. God fills me with joy, grace, and the ability to have unconditional love for all living things. Never holding a grudge, forgiving and moving on. Learning and growing from the good and bad that comes with life. This brings such a sense of peace to each day. God has blessed each one of us with our incredible temples (bodies). I believe it is our responsibility to treat our temples with great love and respect. I start each day praying and meditating on God’s word. As I prepare my power breakfast, I listen to our local Christian radio station, Mars Hill Network. This helps me to focus on what is really important. Not allowing any negative thoughts to enter my brain. Even as I walk to school, I talk to God and thank him for the many blessings He has given to me. God is part of me. I talk to him throughout the day and upon arriving home, I turn Mars Hill radio on once again. I even exercise to the wonderful music and Christian talk shows. We haven’t had a television for quite awhile now. I found it was primarily a source of negativity and violence. Life is short; I wanted my daughters to understand the importance of family time and living life as they did before television was invented. You might want to try turning off the television and computer and spend more time with your family. My students tell me so often that they wish their parents would play games with them or read them a story. They tell me how television and computers have taken their parents’ away from them. Many children tell me that they wish they didn’t have to be involved in so many extracurricular activities after school. They wish their families spent more time together. This is an important topic for another blog!

I've always marveled at the Japanese and Chinese cultures and how they view life. Okinawans have a diet similar to mine; low calorie and nutrient rich, just like the nutritarian diet! Dr. Neal Barnard traveled to places known for their remarkable longevity. In Okinawa, the main food source was the sweet potato. Dr. Barnard said animal-based foods were few and far between there. They incorporate exercise into their daily lives by gardening, walking, dancing, karate, etc. They also have a very positive outlook on life. Unlike Americans, who are always in a hurry, rushing around, taking on too many daily tasks, Okinawans take life at a slower pace. They understand the importance of eating healthy food, keeping their bodies fit, family, spirituality, and nature. All of this coupled together with having a positive attitude reduces stress and that adds many years to their lives. I try to emulate their way of living. Many cultures don’t even have the word 'retirement' in their language. Rather, they believe we must have a purpose each day when we get up in the morning. Once we stop having a reason to live, I believe we lose the will to move forward. People become depressed and stop taking the time to smell the roses. They see life as a chore and not the gift that it is.

It is my dream to be that bright light in those who join us here on FountainOfYouthTV. Breathing new positive energy into your life and helping you to remember the importance of living, loving, and laughing each day! Allow me to be your temple trainer. Cheering you on, motivating you to be your best, even when you feel you can’t succeed. Rox and I will be your support system. As we say at the end of each of our videos, "Take charge of your health destiny". Believe in and love the incredible gift that you are! Make the decision to surround yourself with positive youthful people, eat nutrient rich food, exercise daily, be grateful each day, and love unconditionally. I believe this is the fountain of youth!

Take charge of your health can do it!


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