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One of my favorite Random Acts of Kindness is done in the month of May as we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.  We invited Brenda Buso and her First Grade class, and our Board of Education President, Ryan Riefler, to join us for this wonderful event! Our students learned the importance of honoring those who serve our country by bringing in supplies for the Military Courtesy Room at our airport, wrote thank you letters to our heroes to be displayed at the Military Courtesy Room, and learned about the different branches of the military.  We also know that there are mounds of curricula that children must master in education today. However, education doesn't begin and end with a textbook or test.  Other skills must be cultivated, as well, not the least of which is how to get along with their peers and work well with others.  This is not something that can be taught through rote memorization or reading out of a book.  Students must be given opportunties to experience first had team-building  games that promote cooperation and commuication. This Random Act of Kindness, did just that!  We ended our month-long lessons by having Rox join us as she gave a presentation on what Basic Combat Training is like, as well as life of an Army Musician.  Then, we had the children experience a child's version of a basic training obstacle course. We culminated this memorable day with Rox showing the children how to prepare MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) and enjoyed a variety of meals that are available to our military personnel.  The children learned so much throughout this month.  Not only are they continuing to learn about kindness, compassion, generosity, and appreciation for others, but they also learned the importance of listening and working together as a team.  Throughout our day-long events, the children were shown that if one team member is not showing respect or following directions, the entire platoon suffers a consequence or as they call it in the Army being "Smoked"!   We kept this light-hearted and fun, however, the children realized how crucial it is to work together as a team so that everyone is safe at all times.  I can't thank the parents enough for their generostiy and on-going support!

Think about honoring the military with your children or students in the month of May!  Invite a member from the military to visit your classroom!  Truly a lesson they will never forget!


                                            *To protect the identity of the children, we have blurred out their faces.




           Our day began by carrying down the logs and plank that we used for the Obstacle Course. Great workout!









                            Rox showing video footage of her time at Basic Combat Training - The Gas Chamber...


















                                                                     Rox playing "Taps" on her Civil War Bugle!















May Random Act of Kindness

           Honoring our Military!

Students participating in the obstacle course!  Ryan Riefler, President of our Board of Eduction spent the afternoon with us!!  He is truly one of the most amazing men alive!  Thank you SO much, Ryan!  We couldn't have done this without you!! 

Rox showing the children how to do the combat crawl!

 Rox demonstrating how to prepare the MRE's!

Assortment of MRE's!

Students experiencing being "Smoked" when a few peers did not follow directions, as done in the military...

Serving the children Ratatouille: Vegetables with Penne! So funny to hear the enthusiastic children saying, "This is really good!"

Time to load up our car with the donations from the parents!

So thrilled with another successful Random Act of Kindness for our Military!

At the airport delivering our donated supplies to the Military Courtesy Room! Rox with one of my students who came with his father to help us take all of the items into the airport!  So love this adorable picture! Thank you SO much to our students and parents for the wonderful contributions and on-going support!

Teaching team-building skills with that awesome game of Tug of War!

Thank you Ryan and Brenda for all that you did to make this such a wonderful day for the students!

Job well done, soldier!!  Thanks again, Rox!!

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